Item 0034-22-03
Category Pneumatic / Vacuum / Hydraulic
Model SMC VVQ1000-50A
Description Short Series VQ1000 One-touch Fitting Assembly
Description Long These one-touch fittings save piping time and labor.      
The following fittings are available:     Quan Price Ea.
Port Fitting 5/32" (4mm)   VVQ1000-50A-C4   19    $1.25
Port Fitting .236" (6mm)   VVQ1000-50A-C6   84    $1.50
Port Fitting 1/4"          VVQ1000-50A-N7   66    $1.50
These fittings are used - in like New condition.      
For availability of Manifolds see:      
Note: Picture #2 is for illustration only.      
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Last Updated: Wednesday, January 31, 2024