Item 0034-22-01
Category Pneumatic / Vacuum / Hydraulic
Model SMC VV5Q11-__C8___
Description Short Series VQ1000 Manifold Base
Description Long

VQ valves are ideal for applications requiring high speed,        
frequent operation, stable response time and long service life.        
Innovative mounting methods allow valves to be changed        
without entirely disassembling the manifold.        
Built-in one-touch fittings save piping time and labor.        
These SMC manifolds are prewired to a 25 pin D-sub connector with common (-).        
P ports and R ports are 8mm (5/16") diameter one touch fittings        
External pilots are 4mm (5/32") diameter one touch fittings.        
Manifolds with the following number of stations are available:         Quan Price Ea.
Manifold  5 Station Top D-sub DIN Rail            VV5Q11-05C8FU0-_D__S   1    $50
Manifold  6 Station Top D-sub                     VV5Q11-06C8FU0-____S   1    $50
Manifold  6 Station Top D-sub Ext Pilot           VV5Q11-06C8FU0-___RS   3    $56
Manifold  7 Station Top D-sub DIN Rail            VV5Q11-07C8FU0-_D__S   1    $63
Manifold  8 Station Top D-sub DIN Rail            VV5Q11-08C8FU0-_D__S   1    $69
Manifold 10 Station Top D-sub External Pilot      VV5Q11-10C8FU0-___RS   2    $78
Manifold 11 Station Side D-sub DIN Rail Ext Pilot VV5Q11-11C8FS0-_D_RS   0    $88
Manifold 11 Station Top D-sub DIN Rail            VV5Q11-11C8FU0-_D__S   1    $88
Manifold 11 Station Top D-sub DIN Rail Ext Pilot  VV5Q11-11C8FU0-_D_RS   1    $88
Manifold 12 Station Side D-sub DIN Rail           VV5Q11-12C8FS0-_D__S   1    $95
For availablity of VQ1000 Series Valves see:        
For availablity of One-touch fittings see:        
For availability of D-sub Connector Cable Assemblies see:        
These manifolds are used - fully tested - in like New condition.        
Note: Picture #2 is for illustration only.        


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