Item 0474
Category Automation - Components
Model Festo QH-DR-1 1/2 B / QH-DR-E-SIEN-M12NB-B
Description Short Actuator with Inductive Limit Switch and Ball Valve Assembly
Description Long

This complete 1 1/2" NPT full flow control valve is used - In like NEW condition.
Includes the following items:
Festo QH-DR-E-SIEN-M12NB-B Inductive Limit switch
Festo QH-DR-1 1/2 B Rack and pinion quarter turn actuator
1 1/2" NPT Nickel plated Brass Ball Valve with PTFE ball and spindle seals
Two 1/4" swivel quick disconnects.
Custom made 1/2" thick Nickel plated Steel Mounting Base
Actual picture of valve assembly - 60 day Warranty.
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Price $595.00 each (3 available)

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Last Updated: Wednesday, January 31, 2024