Item 0685
Category Office
Model Steelcase #32024
Description Short Work Group Table / Desk 60
Description Long

These tables are 30" x 60" and 29.5" high. They are solidly constructed with a simulated wood
laminate finish. Legs are 1" square chrome plated steel and are removable.
All tables come with a center draw and adjustable glides.
Tables are used with minor wear, available in four different finishes.

- Black with Speckled Gray top (1 available)

- Tan with Oak top (16 available)

- Tan with Sherry top (2 available)

- Black with Sherry top (SOLD)

Ideal for home, office or factory computer desk or work station.
All tables are used - in very good condition - actual pictures of tables.
All tables ship with legs disassembled.
Shipping weight 90 lbs for (1), 820 lbs for pallet of (9), 1,200 lbs. for pallet of (14).
Pickup at our loading dock is preferred.
Price $175.00 each

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Last Updated: Wednesday, January 31, 2024