Item 0726
Category Mechanical - Parts
Model Barry Controls Roh'lix Model 3-003
Description Short Linear Actuator
Description Long This actuator is designed to convert rotary motion into linear motion,       
Roh'lix Linear Actuators are ideal for positioning operations in all       
types of machinery.  Designed for easy installation, with near zero backlash.        
Actuator specifications are:       
Shaft Diameter .750"       
Lead per Revolution .100"       
Thrust Rating 60 lbs.       
Shaft length between end bearings 31"        
Maximum Travel 27.5"       
Also includes end mounting brackets with bearings and actuator        
mounting base with integrated limit switch cam.       
For additional specifications see:       
This unit is used - Like New - Actual pictures of item.
Shipping weight 12 lb.
Price $75.00 each (1 available)
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Last Updated: Wednesday, January 31, 2024