Item 0669
Category Pneumatic / Vacuum / Hydraulic
Model SMC 3000 Series
Description Short NVHS3000-N03, NAW3000-N03, NAFM3000-N03, AV3000 Air Pressure Regulator
Description Long

This complete SMC air control system includes the following:
- NVHS3000-N03 Modular Shutoff Valve with Exhaust Filter and 3/8" NPT Ports.
- NAW3000-N03 Modular Mist Separator and Regulator
- NAFM3000-N03 Modular Mist Separator
- NAV3000-N03-5DZ Modular Soft Start Valve 21-26 VDC with Exhaust Filter
- PS1000-R06L Adjustable Air Checker Switch with 3/8" NPT Port.
- 0 to160 PSI Dial Gauge
- (2) Mounting Brackets
This unit is used - Like New - Tested - with 90 day Warranty
Actual Picture of air regulator
Price  $195.00 (complete unit)
Modules can also be purchased separately.

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Last Updated: Wednesday, January 31, 2024