Item 0110-03
Category Ovens & Heaters
Model H2OT SHOT HCT184-G-X
Description Short 18,000 Watt Electric Hot Water Heater
Description Long Process Technology Model HCT184-G-X
* 18,000 Watts at 480 VAC 22 Amps 3 Phase - Min 3.5 GPM  (35 Deg. F rise @ 3.5 GPM)
* Can be used as a "Cadillac" System for commercial hot water heating.
* Economical alternative to all fluoropolymer heating systems.
* Designed for instantaneous heating to suitable processing temperatures, used in
  semiconductor, electronics, photo processing, cleanrooms, laboratories and metal finishing.
 * Space saving compact design. - No storage tank required. - With titanium wetted parts.
 * Energy efficient point-of-use service. Reduces water consumption and heat losses.
 * Easy installation, wall mountable construction requires only power and water connection.
 * Grounded for safety. - GFP standard. - U.L. listed - With water cooled SCR control option.
 * Dual display, self tuning PID temperature control standard.
 * Alarm monitors flow, system differential pressure, fluid temperature and element temperature.
 * 30"H x 20"W x 20"D  160lbs. - This item is guaranteed to be fully operational
 Cost $1,400.00 - Actual picture of heater 
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Last Updated: Wednesday, January 31, 2024