Item 0416-01
Category Motors
Model Pacific Scientific SC752A001-01 / R33GENC
Description Short Controller with Brushless Servomotor
Description Long

This is for a complete servomotor drive system. The SC750 Series is a plug and play
digital positioning system. Autotuning makes setup a breeze.
Programming is easy with ServoBASIC Plus - an extension of GWBasic.
Includes: Pacific Scientific Controller SC752A001-01
              Pacific Scientific Brushless Servomotor R33GENC-R2-NS-NV-00 ( 21 LB-IN Torque )
              Bayside Precision Gearhead Model NE34-005 (Gear Ratio 5:1 ) brings torque >100 LB-IN.
              Power and Resolver Connectors with Cables
              DB-9 Programming Cable
              ServoBASIC Plus Ver. 2.8 Programming Software
              ServoBASIC Plus Ver. 2.8 Programming Manual
              ServoBASIC Plus Ver. 2.8 Reference Manual
              Installation & Hardware Reference Manual
This system is used, has been fully tested, and is in very good condition.
Actual picture of all items - with 30 day warranty.
Shipping weight 30 lbs. There is an additional $25.00 packaging and handling charge.
For complete specs. See:
Cost for all $3,900.00
Cost for controller only $2,800.00
Cost for motor only $1,500.00
Cost for software and manuals only $300.00

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