Item 0398-05
Category Mechanical - Parts
Model Pacific Bearing Co. Part Number PSF0812-08 GOLD
Description Short Self Lubricating Sleeve Flange Bearing 1/2 I.D.
Description Long

Pacific Bearing Co. Part Number PSF081208 GOLD
Overall length .995", flange diameter .985", body diameter .750", ID .501"
This is a precision, self-lubricating, Aluminum body sleeve flange bearing with a
"FRELON" GOLD I.D. lining. - Actual picture of item.
"FRELON" GOLD is a compound of TEFLON, providing high strength, low wear, low friction,
self lubrication, with a temperature range of 400 to 500 deg. F
FRELON lined bearings are corrosion resistant.
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Price $9.50 each (4 available)

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Last Updated: Wednesday, January 31, 2024