Item 0034-23-02
Category Sensors
Model TURCK Bi1.5U-EG08-AN6X-V1131
Description Short Inductive Sensor, I.D. S4600530
Description Long

This is an embeddable sensor with a 1.5mm working distance.      
 * Barrel and nut stainless steel 8mm      
 * Output 3 wire DC NPN (current sinking) normally open      
 * Voltage 10-30 vdc      
 * LED on Output energized      
 * LED blinking Short circuit warning      
 * with M8 Picofast quick disconnect      
Sensor is used - tested - with 60 day Warranty.      
For cable requirements see:      
Price $29.00 ea. (6 available)      

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Last Updated: Wednesday, January 31, 2024