Item 0956-23
Model Smith & Wesson 41
Description Short to Holosun HS407K / 507K X2 Red Dot Mount Adapter
Description Long
This is a custom, aluminum, precision machined adapter plate to mount a
Holosun HS407K / 507K X2 to a S&W 41 using the existing dovetail.
No machining required. Includes a 6-32 stainless steel set screw.
Red dot mounting threads are M4 x 0.7
This adapter plate provides the lowest mounting height possible
and also allows the use of standard holsters with a small modification.
The S&W 41 was produced with several rear sight variations over the years
that had considerable factory dimensional variation. We strongly
recommend you send in your barrel  for fitting and mounting of the adapter .
FREE of charge.
Actual pictures of mount - With 30 day Warranty
Please verify your barrel has the same dovetail configuration as pictured.
Price $89.00

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

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Last Updated: Wednesday, January 31, 2024