Item 0956-22
Model Ruger Mark IV
Description Short Holosun HS407K / 507K X2 Red Dot Mount Adapter
Description Long
This is a custom, aluminum, precision machined adapter plate to mount a
Holosun HS407K / 507K X2 to a Ruger Mark I, II, III or IV existing dovetail.
No machining required. Includes a 6-32 stainless steel set screw.
Red dot mounting threads are M4 x 0.7
This adapter plate provides the lowest mounting height possible
and also allows the use of standard holsters with a small modification.
The Ruger Mark IV has  had a very consistent dimensional dovetail.
Fitting instructions for the Ruger are included for the buyer.
Actual pictures of mount - With 30 day Warranty
Price $89.00

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

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Last Updated: Wednesday, January 31, 2024