Item 0961-01
Category Sensors
Model Weksler AS5H-46 / A935AF6
Description Short Adjustable Angle Industrial Thermometer 30 to 300 Deg. F
Description Long
Case can be rotated 180 Deg. and stem can be positioned in 10 Deg. increments.
allowing user to select the most desirable viewing position
9 inch Lens front, Mercury filled thermometer tube is mounted on
V-shaped aluminum scale with bold black lines and numerals.
Calibrated against standards traceable to the National Institute of
Standards and Technology and guaranteed accurate to +/- one scale division.
Black molded ABS case with 9 inch glass front to exclude dirt and dust.
Swivel nut has 1-1⁄4 - 18 inch NEF thread.
Includes 3.5 inch lagged Thermowell stem has a 3/4 inch NPT thread
This Item is used in like New condition.
Actual pictures of thermometer - with 90 day Warranty.
Price $30.00 each (1 available)

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Last Updated: Wednesday, January 31, 2024