Item 0944-22
Category Pneumatic / Vacuum / Hydraulic
Model Norgren 4JS 020 D00
Description Short Non-Contact Impacting Jet Sensor
Description Long Similar to the Interruptible Jet Sensor except it has a 1/2" sensing gap and a
constant purge of the receiver port to minimize the entry of contaminants. It can
also be used with an external emitter for sensing across larger gaps.
This sensor is ideally suited for use in hazardous atmospheres
Generates a pneumatic signal, indicating the presence or absence
of an object. Operates small directional control valves, pneumatic
devices, or in logic circuits. No moving parts.
Not subject to wear or fatigue, fast operating speed, long term reliability.
Ease of maintenance
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This item is New - with 90 day Warranty
Price $85.00 (1 available)
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Last Updated: Wednesday, January 31, 2024