Item 0444-12
Category Electrical Components
Model Telemecanique XVA Series
Description Short Stack Light with Green/Orange/Red 24 VDC
Description Long This complete stack light includes the following components:
XVA-C331 Green Lens
XVA-C351 Orange Lens
XVA-C341 Red Lens
XVA-C21 Control / Cover
24 Volt Bulbs NEW (3)
The stack light is prewired for immediate mounting with M12 Eurofast Connector.
Diameter is 2.715" (69mm) - Total height 9" (229mm)
This unit is Used - Actual picture of light
With 90 day Warranty
Price $174.00 each (1 available)
Picture 1

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Last Updated: Wednesday, January 31, 2024