Item 0913
Category Electrical Components
Model Allen Bradley 800MR-QB24 / 800M-XA
Description Short Pilot Light Push Button
Description Long This illuminated momentary push button includes a 800M-XA contact block
with (1) NC contact and (1) NO. Can be wired for Push-To-Test Lamp.
Includes a 28 VDC lamp GE-85 with red lens button.
Contacts are rated for 300 VAC
Mounting for 7/8" (22mm) diameter opening.
This push button switch is used - has been tested - with 90 day Warranty.
Item is in excellent condition - actual pictures of push buttons.
Price $25.00 each (2 red complete available)
Price $20.00 each (1 white needs GE-85 lamp)
Price $10.00 each (1 green 800MR-Q24 body only, needs GE-85 lamp)
Picture 1
Picture 2

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Last Updated: Wednesday, January 31, 2024