Item 0900
Model TI Texas Instruments 1979
Description Short DataMan Handheld Electronic Calculator Game
Description Long Introduced in 1977 as an educational mathematics teaching calculator, the DataMan is
preprogrammed to teach the four basic mathematic functions through different games.
Answer checker - Missing number -Electro flash -Wipe out -Number guesser -Force out
- New price was $24.95
- Size 5.8"x3.4"x1.2"
- Weight 5 oz.
- Battery 9 Volt
-Display type Fluorescent (8)
-Date of manufacture week 38 , year 1979
-Origin of manufacture El Salvador
Includes PDF manuals and instructions.
This vintage game is in like new condition - Actual pictures of game
Price $49.00
Picture 1
Picture 2

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