Category: Optics - Video/Video, Audio, Microscopes, Lenses, Monitors




Canon Re-350 Video Visualizer Overhead Projector
Cognex / DVT Series 600 - Model 630 SmartImage Sensor Vision Inspection System
Dolan Jenner Fiber-Lite PL-800 Quartz Halogen Figer Optic Illuminator
Melles Griot Flanged Post Holder For 20mm Diameter Post
NIKON BD Plan 20X DIC Microscope Objective Lens 0.4 210/0
NIKON BD Plan 40X DIC Microscope Objective Lens 0.65 210/0
NIKON BD Plan 5X DIC Microscope Objective Lens 0.1 210/0
OGP Inc. Avant 400 CFOV AccuCentric Autocalibrating Zoom Lens
Olympus Vanox-T AH-2 AHMT Analytical Laboratory Microscope with Semprex KD Rotary Stage
Schott Fostec 160 100 Glass Fiber Optic Lightline Guide with Pro Stand
Sony XC-75 CE Vision Inspection CCD Camera with Melles Griot 59 LGC 535 & 59 LGE 408 Lenses
Toshiba IK-64DNA Day / Night CCTV Surveillance Camera with Tamron 3.0-8 mm Lens



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Last Updated: Wednesday, January 31, 2024